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Vision,Mission and Objectives


To provide an academically rich, multicultural learning experience that prepares all of its students to realize their goals, pursue meaningful achievements, and to be socially responsible contributors to their societies, locally and worldwide.


 KULAN UNIVERSITY strategic lays out the following:

  • Enable our students to succeed
  • Deliver world-class research and planning
  • Secure our future education and civilization
  • Engage our communities

Our global position approach calls for a ruthless expansion of enrollment and programs, now underway. At the center of this dream is an innovative and uniquely practical approach to science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) and education. KULAN University (KU) will be a regional leader in developing the next generation technical workforce, preparing teachers of STEM education and careers that are the future of the region.


Our Values

  • Chase of excellence-we struggle to be the best- and to do even better next time. Across our core research and teaching, along with everything that assists what we do.
  • Ambition and Drive-our work is driven by the desire of our staff and students to challenge convention and to create something new and play an important role to take part future shaping.
  • Making difference-we will go to show the Somali people, the region and  the African continent and the world as whole what a modern education institution can do; delivering a service, solving problems, and sustainability for the Somali Community.
  • Community- our resilient community encourages and challenges ideas promotes dignity, respect, health and wellbeing making KULAN University coming.
  • Accessible-we always believe in widening participation, in being open, friendly easy to work with as equal partners and as nonhierarchical as possible.
  • Independence-we are self-sufficient, fearless to upset the status quo, to redefine educational parameters and fulfill our craving for exploration, advance and leadership.