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Applicants who meet any of the following minimum requirements are eligible for admission:

  1. Secondary certificate or equivalent from a recognized university or similar experience.

Types of courses

All courses in the Curriculum are core and compulsory and students must pass them independently as a prerequisite for the award of the university degree.


Duration is a three-to-four-year full time academic programme consisting of compulsory courses and field work activities. It is designed in conformity with the University Semester / Credit System. The first academic year shall have 2 semesters of 17 weeks each and a recess term of 10 weeks. The second academic year of study shall consist of only 2 semesters (no recess term in second year). University examinations will be conducted at the end of each course module during semester or a recess term.

KULAN University Online Admissions

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Starting Your Application

In order to be considered for admissions to the online program of your choosing, you must complete the application. The admission process, requirements, and deadlines vary by program. Please select your preferred program to learn more about the program and its admission process.