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Examination policy


At the end of each course module in a semester, students will be required to sit and pass examinations in those courses that have been offered.

Assessment Structure: Trainee shall be assessed in the following ways:

  • Progressive Assessment will be in the form of tests, written assignments, practical, projects, Attendance, participation, professionalism, field work and attachment reports. These will contribute 40% of the total marks.


  • End of course module which will be comprehensive written examinations covering all course materials will be conducted at the end of each course module. The marks of each course will account for 60%.

Grading of Courses

Each course will be graded out of a maximum of l00 marks and assigned appropriate letter and numerical grades as follows:

Marks Letter Grade Grade Point
80-100 A 5.0
75-79 B+ 4.5
70-74 B 4.0
65-69 C+ 3.5
60 – 64 C 3.0
55-59 D+ 2.5
50-54 D 2.0
45-49 E 1.5
Below 44 F 1.0
Below 40 F- 0.0

The pass Grade Point (GP) for each course is 3.0 and pass mark is 60%.

Student’s Progression

Progression through the courses shall be classified as Normal, Probationary or Discontinuation.

Normal progression:Normal progress occurs when a student has passed each of the specified courses with a minimum grade point of 3.0 and has a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00 or above.

Probationary progression:A student shall be placed on probation;

  1. a) When he/she fails a course or
  2. b) If his/her Grade Point Average (GPA) or CGPA is less than three (3.0).

The probationary status serves as a warning to students that their performance is below the required level. When a student on probation has to retake a course, he/she shall wait and retake that course when it is next offered. A student retaking a course shall be expected to do all the required coursework, practicals and progressive assessment tests. When the GPA of a student goes up to 3.0 or above and he/she has passed all the courses in the following relevant semester, then the probationary status is removed.

Discontinuation: A student shall be discontinued from the programme/course when he/she has:

  1. Received two probations on the same course (i.e. has failed the same course two times).
  2. Received two consecutive probations based on CGPA
  3. Failed to pass a resubmitted field report
  4. Failed to pass a resubmitted dissertation

Retaking a Course

A student may retake any course when it is offered again in order to:

  1. Pass the course if the student had failed it before
  2. Improve the grade if the first pass grade was low and the student wishes to improve. The Transcript will indicate so if a retake is done. Retaking a course means attending lectures, doing required progressive course work and sitting the end of course examinations.



There will be no compensatory passes. Candidates must get the pass mark of 60% in all the courses offered. A candidate who scores below 60% in any course in a semester will be required to do a retake in that course when next offered.

Special Examinations

A student will only be allowed to do special examinations:

On medical grounds proven by a medical report from a qualified and registered medical officer; or

Under any other circumstances as may be approved by Senate.

Withdrawal from the Programme

A registered student shall withdraw from the programme or course in a particular semester on medical grounds or under special circumstances reasons upon approval by Senate. Such a student can resume the programme or course when it is next offered if the cause of the withdrawal is not unsatisfactory progress or conviction for a criminal case.

Withdrawal from a Course

A registered student may withdraw from a course offered during a semester on medical grounds or under special circumstances upon approval by Senate. Such a student can resume the course in the next semester when that course will be next offered if the cause of the withdrawal is not unsatisfactory progress or conviction for a criminal case.

Certificate of Due Performance

A student who does not have satisfactory attendance or coursework marks in any course shall be denied certificate of due performance and shall not be allowed to sit the university examinations. Satisfactory attendance is at least 75% in lectures and/or practical.